Introducing Australian Wagyu Beef, Luxurious, highly marbled beef which has been marinated and carefully cooked for a tender, velvety texture full of flavour, available exclusively at Sushi Sushi in the Wagyu Beef Collection.

Wagyu Beef Hand Roll

Our classic much loved hand roll, with a twist. We start with our premium Nori and fluffy white rice, and fill it with our Tender Teriyaki Wagyu Beef, Australian avocado, carrot and Sushi Sushi’s famous mayonnaise.

Wagyu Beef Pack

The roll is made up of Wagyu Beef, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, pickled radish and Tamago, topped with mayonnaise and wrapped in fluffy white rice and Japanese nori. The roll is sliced up into 6 perfectly bite sized pieces and served in a pack

The roll is inspired by an Ehomaki roll which pays tribute to Sushi Sushi’s Japanese heritage, and is a 7 ingredient hand roll eaten on the night of Setsubun, a Japanese religious festival welcoming the beginning of spring.

Wagyu Beef Grand Roll

The ‘Grand Roll’ is designed to abolish hunger and feed a big appetite! The Grand Roll consists of the same ingredients as the Wagyu Beef pack in a ‘Grand’ sized roll, packed full of flavor for a grand appetite.